Three creepy short stories to read on a Friday 13th

1408 – Stephen King

Where can you read it: “Everything’s eventual:14 Dark Tales” (available for kindle on Amazon)

Photo: Dima Pechurin

The 13th story of Stephen King’s collection of 14 dark tales. Mike Enslin writes about haunted locations. For his next project he intends to spend the night in the infamous room 1408 (1+4+0+8=13), in the 13th (pardon, 14th) floor of the Dolphin Hotel. The room is rumored to be haunted and it just happens site of 42 deaths, including 12 suicides over the course of decades. The hotel manager, Mr.Olin, doesn’t believe the room is haunted by ghosts but he’s certain it’s inhabited by…something. Something Mike will have to face all on his own in this tightly contained, claustrophobic short story.

Number 13 – M.R. James

Where can you read it: read it for free at wikisourse HERE

Photo: Jordan Graff

Another scary tale about a hotel room connected with the number 13. Mr. Anderson is visiting the town of Viborg to work on an academic paper about the history of the Church of Denmark. He’s staying at the room number 12 of the Golden Lion Inn while working in the town’s library. During the day he studies misterious documents in the archive and at night he witnesses the bizarre antics of the guest in room 13. While trying to find out what’s going on next door he stumbles on a little problem: the hotel doesn’t have a room 13.

Akawan- Inglês de Sousa

Where you can read it: I’ve translated it exclusively for this very blog, and you can read it HERE

Photo:Jim Tegman

In the heart of the Amazon forest, Capitain Capitão Jerônimo Ferreira is coming home from his latest hunting trip. Recently widowed and left alone to raise his young daughter, all he wants is a momentary distraction, something to take his mind off of the grief over the passing of his wife. But he has forgotten you’re not supposed to go hunting on a friday, that fridays are unlucky. Caught in a storm on his way back home, he goes through something that will forever change his life and that of his daughter.


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